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Our affiliation with Hertz Farm Management gives us the localized expertise needed to invest successfully in farmland. Hertz’s network of land brokers, farm managers, and local farmers –and their contacts and daily exposure to the market –makes us aware of potential land acquisitions. 

Goal: Off-market, direct transactions with sellers, rather than public auctions or actively-marketed properties. Not always possible, but this is our aim.

We’re selective and typically pass on dozens of prospective properties before identifying one we’d like to own. Every potential acquisition is screened using a variety of quantitative/qualitative criteria...

Farm size and layout

• Soil types, productivity, topography, fertility

• Ground water tables, drainage/tiling

• Historical and recent weather patterns

Proximity to transportation networks

Distance from grain elevators or other crop buyers

Knowledge, talent, experience of local operators

Opportunities for value-add improvements 

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